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Will the Coronavirus pandemic affect municipal finance investment projects? - Shared screen with speaker view
Tonderai Njowera
Great conversation! Tonderai Leonel Njowera here listening in from Harare, Zimbabwe. I am a Development Finance Master Student with the Franfurt School of Finance and Management and I am the founding Vision Lead with Kiyani Energy a start up looking at reimagining the rural space and the rural economy. Happy to learn from the specialists here and to establish connections wiith attendies here. https://leonjowera.wixsite.com/kiyani
Tshepo Ntsimane
You are right Mohammad, the constitutional and legislative framework in many countries across the continent need to be strengthened and reformed to increase lenders and bond market investors. the intergovernmental framework and transfer regime need to be clear, transparent and predictable. Lack of clarity on these elements is bad news for investor and financier interest. Global capital has become more risk averse in light of the 2008 global financial crisis and recession, the aftermath of Covid19 and its devastating impact on growth and development across the globe.
Tonderai Njowera
The Honorable Mayors are very inspirational. I am your proud son. The panelists are amazing too. Great conversation once more!! Thanks David and the organizers.
Tshepo Ntsimane
Thank you to all my fellow panellists and guests! Mutual growth comes from sharing ideas!